Duplex Surveys

From three stories to the sky Sydney Surveyors can fulfill all your duplex survey requirements offering a range of surveys to help in the development of your duplex from conception to completion.

duplex-surveysNowadays, people are more practical in spending their money and even in choosing the kind of place to live. A duplex house is mostly preferred by residents who want to buy affordable homes or want to avail renting home.

A duplex house consists of two houses joined together by a common area or hallway, sometimes sharing the same walls and has two separate entrances. Each side has its own back door, front door, driveway, garage and attic.

A duplex house may also refer to two apartment buildings with separate entrances that share a common wall.

Subdivision plans can be two block subdivisions such as duplex’s and dual occupancies to three and four block subdivisions through to large scale greenfield developments with large numbers of new lots.

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