Building Surveyors Sydney – Servicing Sydney & greater NSW.

Sydney Surveyors are consulting building surveyors Sydney, who offer their building survey and variety of services throughout New South Wales, Australia.building-surveyors-sydney

Our building surveying services include:

  • Building setouts (offset marks and/or building corners)
  • Nail in concrete footings
  • Identification surveys
  • Floor height certificates
  • Work as executed surveys

Sydney surveyors do much more than just issue building permits. They can carry out inspections of established buildings to determine their existing condition and the level of compliance with safety standards. The building inspection is comprehensive and comprises an assessment of the building’s fabric.

Another role that our building surveyors may play is that of consultant. In this role, usually on large construction projects, the building surveyor Sydney will provide the design team with regulatory advice on construction issues.

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