Professional Contour plans by Sydney Surveyors

Sydney Surveyors are consulting surveyors based in Sydney, who offer their contour plans and detail surveying services throughout New South Wales, Australia including Nowra to Newcastle.

contour-plansContour and Detail Land Surveying is the starting point for most developments. Our experienced survey staff locate all existing site features and improvements (i.e. boundary pegs, fences, retaining walls, trees, driveways, houses, sheds and road kerbing etc).

Once this data has been collected our drafting team create accurate and illustrative plans that are accompanied by digital site photographs, which are then provided in both a hard copy and electronic version. All of our Contour and Detail Land Surveying are related to the Australian Height Datum (AHD) in accordance with Australian standards.

Our work represents the pinnacle of Contour and Detail Land Surveying and includes accurate grid-work spot levels, a Contour interval of 250 mm, the top and bottom of banks, location of overland flow paths and positions of adjoining houses. The location of sewer and stormwater lines/manholes are located and plotted onto the final plan

Our land surveying services include contour plans and detail surveys. Contour plans are a graphical representation of the lay of the land.  They can be used to determine the extent of cut and fill needed, the height of retaining walls, and the overall finished height of buildings referenced back to natural ground level.

Before any design of new development can take place topographical surveys need to be carried out. From single houses to commercial or industrial sites to Greenfield sites we can produce complete and accurate topographical models.

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