Sydney Surveyors specialise in GIS Data Surveys

Sydney Surveyors are consulting surveyors based in Sydney, who offer their GIS Data survey services throughout Sydney, New South Wales and Australia.gis-data-surveys

Our land surveying services include GIS Data Surveys. Councils and other statutory bodies are required to have an up to date register of their assets. We can collect the data for the register and record position, type, condition, etc for integration with the established GIS system being used by the customer.

We are able to carry out large scale data collection surveys for GIS systems.  A GIS database gives you a better way to easily manage, reuse, share, and analyze your survey data, saving you time, money, and resources.

Because GIS software solutions are interoperable with the many data formats used in the field and office, you can deliver your data in the format required by your clients while maintaining the data’s core integrity.

For more information regarding our GIS data survey services, contact Sydney Surveyors today.