Professional Granny Flat Surveyors Sydney

Granny flats are a popular way of providing more living space, completely separate from the main building. Some extensions and additions to your home may be difficult to build within the existing site while maintaining good access and privacy.

Granny Flat Surveyors SydneyA granny flat is a secondary dwelling that is self-contained either within, attached to or separate from the main dwelling and satisfies the NSW Affordable Housing State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP). It must be established in conjunction with the principal residence, meaning it doesn’t qualify as a granny flat if it is to be built on a vacant block of land or as part of a subdivision. Those dwellings require different approvals processes.

Is your lot big enough? Can you meet the minimum requirements for lot size and dimensions? Does it have to be a Complying Development or will it require a Development Application at the Local Council?

Our granny flat must be built away from any significant tree trunks, otherwise, you will need to make a call to your local council and get advice about tree-removal. Does your detail survey show the significant trees? Ours do so that your Architect can design your granny flat on the lot so it has minimum impact on trees and other features of your property that require the granny flat to be placed in a specific spot on your land.

To get the design started the Architect will need a detailed survey to base it off. To get the construction started the builder will need a site set out so they know where to build it. To get the occupation certificate you will need an identification survey to show it has been built in the correct position and at the correct height. Any surveys you need for your granny flat, at Sydney Surveyors we can do them all for you.

Need a Designer/Architect? We can put you in touch with one. Need to talk to a Private Certifier? We can put you in touch with one. Need an Engineer? We can put you in touch with one of those as well.

For more information about granny flat surveys, contact the team at Sydney Surveyors today.