Rural Surveys by Sydney Surveyors

Sydney Surveyors are consulting surveyors based in Sydney, who offer their rural land surveying services throughout New South Wales.

rural-surveysSydney Surveyors have the capability and expertise to fulfill and manage all aspects of rural surveys and your requirements.

Sydney Surveyors have experience in numerous Rural Subdivisions throughout NSW including Larger Rural Subdivisions requiring a mixture of Cadastral solutions over large land parcels. In addition to interpretation of old survey plans for mixed sized rural lots, these subdivisions contained many convoluted easements which needed intricate location & representation on the newly created plans.

PSS Rural Survey services include:

      • Rural Subdivisions,
      • Fence line Surveys,
      • Grain Volume Surveys,
      • Seismic Surveys,
      • Pipeline Construction Surveys,

We also offer our clients the flexibility of being able to travel and work in remote locations throughout Australia, utilising the latest Trimble GPS system.

        • Rural Development,
        • Coal Volume Surveys,
        • Crop Alignment Surveys,
        • Property pre-purchase land identification,
        • Remote location construction

Our land surveying services include rural surveys. We have experience in land tenure and titling issues relating to freehold and leasehold land, community title, subdivisions, mining tenures and native title issues.